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- Year 2019

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- Year 2018

  • 169. Jara, J., H.S. Sánchez-Reyes, A. Socquet, F.Cotton, J. Virieux, J., A. Maksymowicz, J. Diza-Mojica, A. Walpersdorf, J. Ruiz, N. Cotte and E. Norabuena, Kinematic Study of Iquique 2014 M w 8.1 earthquake: understanding the segmentation of the seismogenic zone. Earth and Planetary Sciences, 503(1), 131-143, 2018.
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- Year 2017

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  • 157. Amoroso, 0., G. Russo, G. De Landro, A. Zollo, S. Garambois, S. Mazzoli, M. Parente, J. Virieux: From velocity and attenuation tomography to rock physical modeling: Inferences on fluid‐driven earthquake processes at the Irpinia fault system in southern Italy, Geophysical Research Letters, 44(13), 6752-6760, 2017.

- Year 2016

  • 156. Métivier, L., R. Brossier, Q. Mérigot, E. Oudet, and J. Virieux: Increasing the robustness and applicability of full waveform inversion: an optimal transport distance strategy. The Leading Edge, 35(12):1060—1067, 2016.
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- Year 2015

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