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- Year 2014

  • 125 Métivier, L., F. Bretaudeau, R. Brossier, S. Operto and J. Virieux, Full waveform inversion and the truncated newton method : quantitative imaging of complex subsurface structures. Geophysical Prospecting, doi: 10.1111/1365-2478.12136, 2014.
  • 126 Tago, J., L. Métivier and J. Virieux, SMART layers: a simple and robust alternative to PML approaches for elastodynamics, Geophysical Journal Internation, 199, 700-706, 2014.
  • 127 Operto, S., R. Brossier, L. Combe, L. Métivier, A. Ribodetti and J. Virieux, Computationally efficient three-dimensional acoustic finite-difference frequency-domain seismic modeling in vertical transversely isotropic media with sparse direct solver, Geophysics, 79(5), T257-275, 2014.
  • 128 Lavoué, F., R. Brossier, L. Métivier, S. Garambois and J. Virieux, Two-dimensional permittivity and conductivity imaging by full waveform inversion of multioffset GPR data: a frequency-domain quasi-Newton approach, Geophysical Journal International, 197, 248-268, 2014.
  • 129 Métivier, L., R. Brossier, S. Labbé, S. Operto and J. Virieux, A robust absorbing layer method for anisotropic seismic wave modeling, Journal of Computational Physics, 279, 218-240, 2014.
  • 130 Brossier, R., S. Operto, and J. Virieux. Velocity model building from seismic reflection data by full waveform inversion. Geophysical Prospecting, doi: 10.1111/1365-2478.12190, 2014.
  • 131 Métivier, L., R. Brossier, S. Labbé, S. Operto and J. Virieux: SMART: dissipative absorbing layer technique for general elastodynamics equations. Application as S-waves filter in acoustic TI media, Seismic Technology, Vol 11, No 4, October 2014, 14 pages.
  • 132 Masoni, I., R. Brossier, J.-L. Boelle, M. Macquet and J. Virieux: Robust Full Waveform Inversion of surface waves, Seismic Technology,Vol 11, No 4, October 2014, 19 pages.
  • 133 Van Vorst, D.G., M.J. Yedlin, Jean Virieux, and E.S. Krebes: Three-dimensional to two-dimensional data conversion for electromagnetic wave propagation using an acoustic transfer function: application to cross-hole GPR data, Geophysical Journal International, 198 (1), 474-483, 2014.
  • 134 Amoroso, O., A. Ascione, S. Mazzoli, Jean Virieux, and A. Zollo: Seismic imaging of a fluid storage in the actively extending Apennine mountain belt, southern Italy, Geophysical Research Letters, 41(11), 3802-3809, 2014.

- Year 2013

  • 116. Pageot, D., S. Operto, M. Vallée, R. Brossier and J. Virieux. A parametric analysis of two-dimensional elastic full-waveform inversion of teleseismic data for lithospheric imaging. Geophysical Journal International, doi:10.1093/gji/ggs132, 2013. pdf
  • 117 Gholami,Y., R. Brossier, S. Operto, V. Prieux, A. Ribodetti and J. Virieux. Which parameterization for acoustic vertical transverse isotropic full waveform inversion? - Part 2 : synthetic and real data case studies from Valhall. Geophysics, 78(2), R107-R124, 2013. pdf
  • 118. Gholami, Y., R. Brossier, S. Operto, A. Ribodetti and J. Virieux. Which parameterization for acoustic vertical transverse isotropic full waveform inversion ? - Part 1 : sensitivity and trade-off analysis. Geophysics, 78(2), R81-R105, 2013. pdf
  • 119. Métivier, L., R. Brossier, J. Virieux and S. Operto. Full waveform inversion and the truncated Newton method. SIAM J. Sci. Comput., 35(2), B401–B437, 2013. pdf
  • 120 Bretaudeau, F., R. Brossier, D. Leparoux, S. Operto, O. Abraham and J. Virieux. 2D elastic full waveform imaging of the near surface : Application to a physical scale model. Near Surface Geophysics, 11(3), 307-316, 2013. pdf
  • 121 Asnaashari, A., R. Brossier, S Garambois, F. Audebert, P. Thore and J. Virieux. Full waveform inversion with prior model information for time-lapse baseline definition. Geophysics, 78(2), R25-R36, 2013. pdf
  • 122 V. Prieux, R. Brossier, S. Operto, and J. Virieux. Multiparameter full waveform inversion of multicomponent OBC data from valhall. part 1 : imaging compressional wavespeed, density and attenuation. Geophysical Journal International, 194(3) :1640-1664, 2013.
  • 123 . Prieux, R. Brossier, S. Operto, and J. Virieux. Multiparameter full waveform inversion of multicomponent OBC data from valhall. part 2 : imaging compressional and shear-wave velocities. Geophysical Journal International, 194(3) :1665-1681, 2013.
  • 124 S. Operto, Y. Gholami, V. Prieux, A. Ribodetti, R. Brossier, L. Métivier, and J. Virieux. A guided tour of multiparameter full-waveform inversion with multicomponent data : From theory to practice. The Leading Edge, 32(9), 2013.

- Year 2012

  • 112. Yedlin, M., D. Van Vorst and J. Virieux. Uniform asymptotic conversion of Helmholtz data from 3D to 2D. Journal of Applied Geophysics, 78, 2-8. pdf
  • 113. Tago, J., V. M. Cruz-Atienza, J. Virieux, V. Etienne, and F. J. Sánchez-Sesma, A 3D hp-adaptive discontinuous Galerkin method for modeling earthquake dynamics, Journal of Geophysical Research, 117, B09312, doi:10.1029/2012JB009313. pdf
  • 114. Prieux, V., G. Lambaré, S. Operto and J. Virieux. Building starting models for full-waveform inversion from wide-aperture data by stereotomography. Geophysical Prospecting, DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2478.2012.01099.x., 2012. pdf
  • 115. Van Vorst, D., J. Virieux and M. Yedlin. A graphical derivation of the perpendicular ray jacobian, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, 102, pp 2452-2457, 2012. pdf

- Year 2011

  • 104. Dupuy, B., L. De Barros, S. Garambois & J. Virieux. Wave propagation in heterogeneous porous media formulated in the frequency-space domain, Geophysics, 76, pp N13-N28. pdf
  • 105. Virieux, J., H. Calandra & R.-E. Plessix, A partial review of modelling methods for geophysical imaging, Geophysical Prospecting, 59, 794-813. pdf
  • 106. Ben Hadj Ali H., S. Operto & J. Virieux, An efficient frequency-domain full waveform inversion method using simultaneous encoded sources, Geophysics, 76, pp R109—R124. pdf
  • 107. Sourbier F., A. Haidar, L. Giraud, H. Ben Hadj Ali, S. Operto & J. Virieux, Three-dimensional parallel frequency-domain visco-acoustic wave modelling based on a hybrid direct/iterative solver, Geophysical Prospecting, Geophysical Prospecting, 59, pages 834 — 856, 2011. pdf
  • 108. Rhomdane A., G. Grandjean, R. Brossier, F. Rejiba, S. Operto and J. Virieux. Shallow structures caharacterization by 2D elastic waveform inversion, Geophysics, Geophysics, 76(3), R81-R93, 2011. pdf
  • 109 Ribodetti A., S. Operto, W. Agudelo, J. -Y. Collot and J. Virieux. Joint ray+Born least-squares migration and simulated annealing optimization for high-resolution target-oriented quantitative seismic imaging, Geophysics, 76, R23-R42, http://dx.doi.org/10.1190/1.3554330, 2011. pdf
  • 110. Roux, P., I. Iturbe, B. Nicolas, J. Virieux & J. Mars, Travel-time tomography in shallow water: experimental demonstration at an ultrasonic scale, J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 130(3), 1-10, 2011. pdf
  • 111 Prieux, V., R . Brossier, Y. Gholami, S. Operto, J. Virieux,O. Barkved and J. Kommedal. On the footprint of anisotropy on isotropic full waveform inversion : the Valhall case study. Geophysical Journal International, DOI:10.1111/j.1365-246X.2011.05209.x., 2011. pdf

- Year 2010

  • 101. Brossier, R., S. Operto & J. Virieux. Which data residual norm for robust elastic frequency-domain Full-Waveform Inversion ?, Geophysics, 75, R37-R46, 2010. pdf
  • 102. Brossier, R., V. Etienne, S. Operto & J. Virieux. Frequency-Domain Numerical Modelling of Visco-Acoustic Waves with Finite-Difference and Finite-Element Discontinuous Galerkin Methods, Acoustic waves, Editor D.W. Dissanayake, SCIYO, 125-158, ISBN=978-953-307-111-4, 2010. pdf
  • 103. Etienne, V., E. Chaljub, J. Virieux & N. Glinsky, An hp-adaptive discontinuous Galerkin finite-element method for 3D elastic wave modelling, Geophys. J. Int., 183, 941-962, 2010. pdf

- Year 2009

  • 90. Ben Jemaa, M., N. Glinsky-Olivier, V.M. Cruz-Atienza & J. Virieux, 3-D dynamic rupture simulations by a finite volume method, Geophys. J. Int., 178, 541-560, 2009. pdf
  • 91. Iturben I, P. Roux, J. Virieux & B. Nicolas, Travel-time sensitivity kernels versus diffraction patterns obtained through double beam-forming in shallow water, JASA, 126, 2, 713-720, 2009. pdf
  • 92. Iturben, I., P. Roux, B. Nicolas, J. Virieux & J. Mars, Shallow water acoustic tomography: combining double beamforming algorithm and ray time delay inversion, IEEE, 34, 2, 140-149, 2009. pdf
  • 93. Blacic, T.M., D. Latorre, J. Virieux & M. Vassallo, Converted phases analysis of the Campi Flegrei caldera using actigve seismic data, Tectonophysics, 470, 243-256, 2009. pdf
  • 94. Sourbier, F., F., S. Operto, J. Virieux, P. Amestoy & J. -Y. L’Excellent, FWT2D : a massively parallel program for frequency-domain Full-Waveform Tomography of wide-aperture seismic data - Part 1 : algorithm. Computer & Geosciences, 35, 487-495, 2009. pdf
  • 95. Sourbier, S. Operto, J. Virieux, P. Amestoy & J. -Y. L’Excellent, FWT2D : a massively parallel program for frequency-domain Full-Waveform Tomography of wide-aperture seismic data - Part 2 : numerical examples and scalability analysis. Computer & Geosciences, 35, 496-514, 2009. pdf
  • 96. Brossier, R., S. Operto & J. Virieux. Seismic imaging of complex structures by 2D elastic frequency-domain full-waveform inversion, Geophysics, 74(6), WCC63-WCC76, 2009. pdf
  • 97. Brossier, R., S. Operto & J. Virieux. Robust frequency-domain full-waveform inversion using the L1-norm, Geophysical Research Letters, 36, L20310, doi:10.1029/2009GL0399458, 2009. pdf
  • 98. Operto, S., J. Virieux, A. Ribodetti & J. A. Anderson, Finite-difference frequency-domain modeling of visco-acoustic wave propagation in 2D tilted transversely isotropic (TTI) media, Geophysics, 74(5), T75-T95, 2009. pdf
  • 99. Virieux, J., S. Operto, H. Ben Hadj Ali, R. Brossier, V. Etienne, F. Sourbier, L. Giraud & A. Haidar, Seismic wave modeling for seismic imaging, The Leading Edge, 28, 538 - Special section : Seismic modeling, 2009. pdf
  • 100. Virieux, J. & S. Operto. An overview of full waveform inversion in exploration geophysics, Geophysics, 74(6), WCC127-WCC152, 2009. pdf

- Year 2008

  • 81. Lombard, B., J. Piraux, C. Gélis & J. Virieux, Free and smooth boundaries in 2-D finite-difference schemes for transient elastic waves, Geophys. J. Int., 172, 252-261. 2008. pdf
  • 82. Ben Hadj Ali, H.and S. Operto & J. Virieux, Velocity model building by 3D frequency-domain full-waveform inversion of wide-aperture seismic data, Geophysics, 73, VE101-VE117, 2008. pdf
  • 83. Brossier, R., J. Virieux & S. Operto, Parsimonious finite-volume frequency-domain method for 2D P-SV-wave modelling, Geophys. J. Int., 175/2, 541-559, 2008. pdf
  • 84. Delost, M., J. Virieux & S. Operto, First-arrival traveltime tomography using second generation wavelets, Geophysical Prospecting, 56, 505-526, 2008. pdf
  • 85. Gautier, S., J. Virieux & G. Nolet, Finite-frequency tomography in a crustal environment : application to the western part of the Gulf of Corinth, Geophysical Prospecting, 56, 493-526, 2008. pdf
  • 86. Zollo, A., N. Maercklin, M. Vassallo, D. Dello Iacono, J. Virieux & P. Gasparini, Seismic reflections reveal a massive melt layer feeding Campi Flegrei caldera, Geophys. Res. Lett., 35, L12306, doi:10.1029/2008GL034242, 2008 pdf
  • 87.Got, J.L., V. Monteiller, J. Virieux & S. Operto, Potential and limits of double difference tomographic methods, Geophysical Prospecting, 56, 4, 477-491, 2008. pdf
  • 88. Latorre, D., P. De Gori, C. Chiarabba, A. Amato, J. Virieux & T. Monfret, Three-dimensional kinematic depth migration of converted waves: application to the 2002 Molise aftershock sequence (southern Italy), Geophysical Prospecting, 56, 4, 587-600, 2008. pdf
  • 89. Battaglia, J., A. Zollo, J. Virieux and D. Dello Iacono, Merging active and passive data sets in traveltime tomography: The case study of Campi Flegrei caldera (Southern Italy), Geophysical Prospecting, 56, 4, 555-573, 2008. pdf

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